Tag Generator


This tool is based on the codec developed for the Light ALE engine. It aims to generate tag ids in hexadecimal format in order to validate the EPC grouping and filtering engines of the ALE.


The above figure shows 2 examples of how to generate tags from Tag Generator specification file.

The generated file can then be used by the RPSim connector (sumulation mode, see Light ALE engine ) to feed the ALE with specific tags. The connector is able to parse the tag Ids from the tags.txt file and report them to the ALE engine. This is precious for global integration tests of the ALE.

Users & Developers Guide

The executable jar file can be found under the repository tagGenerator/dist. All the source can be found under the repository tagGenerator/src.

The Tag Generator specification file inputSpec.txt is located under the root of the repository tagGenerator; the generated tags.txt will be automatically created under the repository tagGenerator.

You can download the executable jar file from here. The source can be found here.