Aspire RFID contributors page

Aspire RFID is an open source project developed within the OW2 consortium. The contributions are initially funded by the European Community FP7 with the ASPIRE project. This page lists all the contributors to the project.

Please contact us if someone is missing.


ait.gif Athens Information Technology (AIT) has been recently founded with the vision of becoming a world class education and research centre. As a first step AIT signed an agreement with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the Information Networking Institute (INI) of Carnegie Mellon to set up and operate a joint Carnegie Mellon-AIT Master in Information Networking (MSIN) Program. AIT has strong relationships with the global IT and networking industry, as well as with the major IT and telecom industries in Greece. AIT is closely collaborating with the largest Greek IT and telecom industry (INTRACOM S.A), towards exploiting and disseminating research results. The Autonomic and Grid Computing Group of the AIT has up-to-date significant research contributions in several aspects of pervasive computing, which it intends to enhance through its participation in ASPIRE and AspireRfid projects.
ujf.jpglig.jpg Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble 1 (UJF) is the initial contributor of the Aspire RFID open source middleware. UJF is one of Europe's leading universities. It offers its students high-quality education, providing them with a passport to the professional world. The Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble (LIG) is a research unit whose funding partners are CNRS, INRIA, Grenoble INP, UJF and UPMF. It was created on January 1, 2007. It gathers 500 researchers, lecturers-researchers, students and postdocs, technical and administrative staff members. Research activities are structured around 24 research groups.
inria.PNG INRIA, the French national institute for research in computer science and control, operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry, is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in information and communication science and technology (ICST). The Institute also plays a major role in technology transfer by fostering training through research, diffusion of scientific and technical information, development, as well as providing expert advice and participating in international programs. INRIA maintains important international relations and exchanges. In Europe, INRIA is a member of ERCIM which brings together research institutes from 19 European countries. INRIA is a partner in about 120 FP6 actions and 40 FP7 actions, mainly in the ICST field. INRIA also collaborates with numerous scientific and academic institutions abroad (joint laboratories such as LIAMA, associated research teams, training and internship programs).



  • Johann BOURCIER (UJF PhD 2006-)
  • Gilles BROUSSILLON (UJF internship 2006)
  • Didier DONSEZ (UJF professor 2004-)
  • Clément ESCOFFIER (UJF PhD 2006-)
  • Kiev GAMA (UJF PhD student 2008-)
  • Andrés GOMEZ CASANOVA (UJF Internship 2008)
  • Thomas LEVEQUE (UJF student 2008)
  • Cristina MARIN (UJF PhD 2004-2006)
  • Mikaël OUILLON (UJF Internship 2006)
  • Gabriel PEDRAZA (UJF PhD 2009-)
  • Maroula PERISANIDI (UJF Internship 2008)
  • Anne ROBERT (UJF Internship 2006)
  • Walter RUDAMETKIN (UJF 2007-)
  • Guillaume SURREL (UJF Internship 2007)
  • Lionel TOUSEAU (UJF PhD 2007-)
  • Guillaume VAUDAUX-RUTH (UJF Internship 2007)
  • Ting ZHANG (UJF Internship 2006)
  • Eric SIMON (UJF PhD student 2008-)
  • Thomas CALMANT (UJF Internship 2010)
  • Joris Brémond (UJF Student 2010)
  • Jean-François Knoepfli (UJF Student 2010)
  • Mathieu Rivoalen (UJF Student 2010)
  • Raphael Tronc (UJF Student 2010)
But also
  • Aurélien PRALONG (UJF alumni 2008)
  • Jonathan NALY UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Yves RAGOT UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Wahiba GABLI UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Jean-François MARQUET UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Dominique MONGELLI UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Pierre PEGOUD UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • El Mehdi DAMOU UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Romain GOMEZ UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • Clément DESCHAMPS UJF Master 2009, UE PM2M
  • Daniel LOVERA UJF alumni 2009, UE PM2M
  • ...



  • Nathalie Mitton
  • Lei Zhang
  • David Simplot Ryl
  • Loic Schmidt
  • Roudy Dagher
  • Lionel Seinturier
  • Romain Rouvoy
  • Julien Ellart


  • Mikaël DESERTOT (UJF 2004-2006, UVHC 2008-)
  • Sébastien JEAN (UPMF 2008-)
  • François FORNACIARI (UJF Internship 2007, Bull SAS 2008-)
  • Levent Gurgen (NII poctdoctoral position 2008)

Detailed Modules Design/Implementation Responsible

ModuleLead InstitutionDesign LeadImplementation Lead
AspireRFID ArchitectureAIT, SENSAP, UJF, INRIA, AAUNikos Kefalakis, John Soldatos, Panos Dimitropoulos,Didier Donsez, ... 
Tag Data TranslationFosstrak  
Extended Tag Data TranslationINRIALei Zhang, Loic SchmidtLei Zhang, Loic Schmidt
Hardware Abstraction Layer
LLRP InterfaceAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
Intermec BRI InterfaceAITNikos Kefalakis, Nektarios LeondiadisNikos Kefalakis, Nektarios Leondiadis
Reader Proxies   
Reader CoreFosstrak  
Reader Core OSGI DeploymentAITNektarios LeondiadisNektarios Leondiadis
Embedded light RPINRIARoudy DagherRoudy Dagher
F&C Server (ALE) 
F&C Server (ALE)CoreFosstrak  
Extended TDT ALEINRIALei ZhangLei Zhang
Deploy F&C on OSGiUJF  
Embedded ALEINRIARoudy DagherRoudy Dagher
Business Event GeneratorAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
Adaptive color based RFID reader Anti-collisionINRIANathalie MittonNathalie Mitton
EPCIS Repository
EPCIS Repository CoreFosstrak  
Master Data Capture I/FAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
ConnectorAITNektarios Leondiadis, Nikos Kefalakis, John SoldatosNektarios Leondiadis, Nikos Kefalakis
Programmable EngineAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
APDLAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
AspireRfid IDE
AspireRfidIDE CoreAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
ALE Server ConfiguratorAITVaso Koleti, Nikos Kefalakis, Nektarios LeondiadisVaso Koleti, Nikos Kefalakis
Business Event Generator ConfiguratorAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
Physical Reader ConfiguratorAITNektarios LeondiadisNektarios Leondiadis
EC-Spec EditorAITVaso Koleti, Nikos KefalakisVaso Koleti, Nikos Kefalakis
LR-Spec EditorAITVaso Koleti, Nikos KefalakisVaso Koleti, Nikos Kefalakis
Master Data EditorAITEfstathios Mertikas, Nikos KefalakisEfstathios Mertikas, Nikos Kefalakis
Business Loc. GMF EditorAITEleftherios Karageorgiou, Nikolaos KefalakisEleftherios Karageorgiou
TCP Message CapturerAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
BPWM EditorAITNikos Kefalakis, Yongming Luo, Eleftherios KarageorgiouYongming Luo, Eleftherios Karageorgiou
Prog. Engine ConfiguratorAITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
Connector Configurator-- 
Privacy Framework ToolAAU, OSI  
OSGi Bundles
ProximaRF Desktop USB readerUJF  
TagSys Medio Serial readerUJF  
ACR 122 USB readerUJF  
OneWire readerUJF  
Phidget RFID ReaderUJF  
Standalone Tools
Business Intelligent ToolAITto be committedto be committed
Automatic RFID Reader Configuration & ManagementAITNikolaos Kefalakis, Georgios KatsisGeorgios Katsis
Light ALECCINRIALei ZhangLei Zhang
Standalone Testing Tools
Tag GeneratorINRIARoudy DagheRoudy Daghe
Tag SearcherINRIARoudy DagheRoudy Daghe
TCP Message CapturerFosstrak  
Simple F&C test with the Simulator Reader deviceAITNikos Kefalakis 
Warehouse Packet Delivery (3 Tier Use)AITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis
Warehouse Packet Delivery (6 Tier Use)AITNikos KefalakisNikos Kefalakis, Nektarios Leondiadis
Pick and Pack DemoAITNikolaos Konstantinou, Nikos KefalakisNikolaos Konstantinou, Nikos Kefalakis
RFID management SystemINRIALei ZhangLei Zhang



Maroula and Andres (2008)

aconit2008-walter didier kiev2.jpg

Walter, Didier and Kiev demonstrating AspireRFID @ La Fête de la Science 2008, Bastille de Grenoble, France



Nikos, Didier and John demonstrating AspireRFID @ Aspire Review Year 1, Brussels François demonstrating AspireRFID @ JavaOne 2009, San Francisco.

The AspireRFID logo was designed by Mrs. Mirto Nassiopoulou (AIT).