Instructions for new developers

If you are a new developer of the Aspire project, check this to do list:

Generic Development Requirements

Downloading the Source Code in Eclipse

  • Install the Subversive and the Subversive SVN Connectors plug-ins
  • Open the SVN Repository Perspective
  • Go to the SVN Repositories Tab and hit the new repository location button.
  • For acquiring the hole trunk source code place at the URL of the New Repository Location window that appears the following URL:
    • svn:// (Anonymous) or
    • svn+ssh:// (Developer SVN Access )
  • Open the repository go to the trunk file right click it an hit Check Out
  • For working with a specific AspireRFID project hit File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace and select for the root directory the project you want to work with from the Hole trunk you have just checked out.
  • Select it from the list, Uncheck the Copy projects into workspace
  • Hit finish and you are ready to work :)

Debugging and Running the Source Code in Eclipse

In general, every component comes with specific instructions. e.g. a good starting point for the AspireRFID IDE is the Aspire IDE Core, which is the host of the Aspire tools.



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