RFIDThon : NFC/Contactless Ticket Recycling Operation

We organize an operation to collect used NFC/Contactless tickets and RFID tags from several cities, sky stations, … all over the world.

If in your city, metro and bus tickets are NFC/contactless or others, could you gracefully send several samples of them to

Aspire RFIDThon
Laboratoire LIG, Equipe ADELE
Universite Joseph Fourier
Bat. C, 220 rue de la Chimie, Domaine Universitaire
BP 53, 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9, France

Don't forget to mention the city, the station and the usage !

Thanks you by avance. Sorry, we could not refund the stamp !

1 Some RFID tickets

1.1 Transportation

1.2 Bicycle

1.3 Ski pass

  • Allevard, France, ISO 15693 (TI)
  • Deux alpes (Skidata), France, ISO 15693 (MicroElectronics-Marin)

1.4 Clothes

  • GAP ?
  • Benetton ?