Services (Training / Consulting)

Introductory course to ASPIRE and RFID

This is a course intended to offer an introduction to the concepts around RFID and guide the reader through the ASPIRE and AspireRFID middleware architecture. You can start by taking a look at the course outline and proceed by studying the lectures.

  • Course Outline (pdf)
  1. Introduction to RFID Technology (pdf)
  2. Introduction to RFID Middleware (pdf)
  3. Introduction to EPC & EPC Architecture (pdf)
  4. EPC Middleware Standards (pdf)
  5. ASPIRE and AspireRfid (pdf)
  6. ASPIRE Architecture and Middleware (pdf)
  7. ASPIRE Tools and IDE (pdf)
  8. ASPIRE Pilots (pdf)
  • Additional reading material (pdf)

Other Training

ASPIRE Trainings typically consist of three complementary sections:

General Training on RFID Technology and Middleware, including EPC (Tutorials)

  • Introduction to RFID and AutoID Technologies (pdf)
  • Understanding RFID Technologies (pdf)
  • Introduction to RFID Middleware (pdf)
  • Introduction to the IoT (Internet of Things) (pdf)
  • EPC Essentials (pdf)
  • EPC Network Architecture (pdf)
  • Overview of RFID Middleware Toolkits and the ASPIRE Project (pdf)
  • Comparison of OSS RFID and Introduction to ASPIRE Developments (pdf)

Training on OW2 tools and techniques

  • Maven Presentation (pdf)
  • Configure Eclipse to work with GForge (pdf)

Training on AspireRfid developments and middleware

Under Construction

University courses

The Aspire project is used in the teaching units to teach machine-2-machine technologies (RFID, sensors, ...).

Professional Services

AspireRfid main Developers and Contributors (UJF and AIT) are available to provide a range of consulting, integration and training services including:

  • Business Case Establishment
  • Cost and Financial Analysis (Return-on-Investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and more)
  • Site Investigation
  • Solution Design (based on AspireRfid middleware)
  • Solution Implementation (based on AspireRfid middleware)
  • Solution Integration (based on AspireRfid middleware)
  • Training on AspireRfid Middleware and Tools
  • Technical Support of AspireRfid Middleware and Tools
  • Customization of AspireRfid Middleware and Tools
Under Construction